Welcome to TaLiDa

TLD is a secure Cryptocurrency based on Binance Smart chain, for Online Payments.

Why choose TaLiDa Token ?

TLD is the best Cryptocurrency for online payments

TLD = Secure

BSC-chain Asset Locked by Smart Contract. Data Security Safeguarded by Binance Smart Chain.

Low fees

TLD has lower fees than Etherium based tokens. So you have more freedom to trade.

Burninig Function

TLD Token has a burn function, which means that over time, the number of tokens will decrease.

Ultra-Fast Transactions

TLD has Ultra-Fast transaction speed because TLD is based on the Binance smart Chain.

ECO Friendly

We do not want to damage the environment, so we disabled the mining function, no one can mine TLD tokens.

100% Satisfied

All parameters of TLD Token, give a guarantee of a stable income to TLD owners.


Binance Smart Chain Token

David Rustam
Founder, CEO.
“We are with Binance Smart Chain. BSC is the most innovative network in the world of cryptocurrency, and we are honored to partner with them.”

We are not standing still

Zogrhab Kurgin
Co-Founder, Investor.
“In 2021, we plan to list TaLiDa Token on all popular exchanges, including Binance. We also planned to burn a large amount of TLD Tokens”

Airdrop is Closed!

We are finished Airdrop distribution, thanks for all participants 😉

If you have not received, then you have not met all the conditions.

Stay with us and wait for other gifts from our team !.

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TLD pre-sale is closed!

Thanks for all participating

TLD is listed on Tarmex.io exchange

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TLD is listed on Tarmex.io

Now you can trade TLD tokens on Tarmex.io platform. To buy TLD you need to have BNB in your wallet.

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About Us


Our Mission

Our team consists of educated and passionate developers who want to contribute to the crypto industry and help those who invest in TLD to generate income. We want a TLD to become the most popular token, and we will do everything to make it happen. Our investors give us freedom of action, so our team easily embodies all the ideas that we carefully plan.

More Info

To get more info about TLD and, about our smart contract, you can visit BSC Scan.

  • Name: TaLiDa Token (TLD)
  • Total Supply at the moment: 200 000 000 TLD
  • Smart Contract: 0x1a37e9d9de5126976dff98a3b711d8289c7867a1
  • BSC Scan

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You can contact us using the form below or directly to: support@talida.finance